Story Time

So since the last time I’ve posted something here I’ve had multiple people telling me multiple times that I should write something new, which I’m going to take as a sign that I should write something new. So here we are. Why haven’t I done this before now? Well that would be Classic Jacqui showing her colours and convincing Writing Jacqui that lying in the sun by the pool is a much better idea, even if it results in the introduction of a third character to this crazy story, Tomato Jacqui. Don’t worry you will be hearing more about her adventures later on provided Classic Jacqui doesn’t take control before I get to that part.

I think I’m just going to say what comes to mind this time, of course I’ll write about all the things I’ve done, including Mute Jacqui going to Buenos Aires again, making that more times than Valen and Maria, don’t even get me started… and the time Valen took Tomato Jacqui horse riding in the mountains. What I’m trying to say is don’t give up on me just yet, if my memory serves me correctly this is going to be packed full of cool stories, and if you’re lucky, more like if Crazy Jacqui is feeling generous, you might get to hear about my ingenious plan to get Jacqui a South American man. Or not, don’t get too alarmed thats just Crazy Jacqui talking again. Maybe. Plus the plan involves writing so if Classic Jacqui decides to say hello before then… well there might not be a plan at all.

Anyhow. Fun story number one. I feel like I’m on a roll already so brace yourselves. And of course change of plans, this is Stupid Jacqui and I’m coming to you live from my bedroom, where Writing Jacqui has just been interrupted by Hockey Jacqui, who, enticed by Valen’s offer to go outside and play if she had a ball, immediately ransacked her bag to find not only did she not have a ball, all her tape and other lifelines were not present. This in turn has created crisis in the life of Writing Jacqui; will she continue? We are yet to find out, so stay tuned. This was Hockey Jacqui, signing off to pester which ever parent replies first about where the rest of her things might be. Update: it was mother. The balls would’ve been too heavy. I believe it might be time for Problem Solving Jacqui to make an appearance because nope contrary to said mothers belief I don’t think I can get everything here easily…

So I’m back. Five hours later, at 9pm, the time I thought I would be starting crossfit, which much to Lazy Jacqui’s internal delight is actually tomorrow, however minus anything useful to play hockey but also armed with the knowledge that Awkward Jacqui is not only allergic to SPF 15 as she found out thinking she was safe, but has skin which has a hissy fit when it comes into contact with SPF 8 and will have to settle for SPF 6 which seems to cause minimal itch, redness and a bit of puffiness to complete the look. Although Writing Jacqui is trying her best to come back, Social Model Exchange Student Jacqui has to live up to her name and say hello to the new round of visitors who have just arrived for dinner, so it looks like this will have to wait yet another day, unless Writing Jacqui is feeling particularly inclined to make a return.

It would appear that Patient Jacqui would like plans to change yet again, as a small child has found her way into my room after getting over her stage fright the first time we met and having seemingly forgotten I can’t understand or speak to her has decided to stay for the foreseeable future, accompanied by my hope that the string of words she just spoke in my direction didn’t require more than affirmative eyebrow raises, head nods and understanding murmurs on my part (I’m sure they do because she gives me a look that says “what is wrong with you… you don’t speak..) although it seems that laughter is once again universal because its helped me survive the last five minutes of small child energy…

While Patient Jacqui works her magic, Writing Jacqui would like us to multi task so now is where the fun stories begin. Wow this really feels like primary school recount writing; Guess what? Two weeks ago on Monday January 30 2017… ok no I can’t stand this, but really, that was when we went to WaveZone, a water park just outside of Villa Carlos Paz. We, turned out to be family friends Gaby and Marcos, with their two sons and daughter, who also joined us for dinner after we left the waterpark at about 7. The park itself was smallish, or as Leo described it, very boring, or words to that effect… but it was fun nonetheless, and we went on all the biggest slides and then went to the wave pool and waited for the ‘Tsunami’, a big wave which swept through the pool every so often, taking with it everyone who wasn’t braced against its strength, and in my case causing children to be our of control bowling balls taking out the skittles (Jacqui) at the other end of the pool. I was of course wearing my ring in the water and when I fell over in the water it scratched a bit of paint from the bottom of the pool which lodged itself in one of the bits of my ring which I haven’t had the heart, or motivation, to clean, but in a way its a nice reminder each time I look at it, of the smiles and laughter in the sun from a pretty great day. Gradually everyone began emptying out of the park and soon we were about the only ones left as tables were being packed up around us, so we too gathered our things and headed to the larger than Capilla but not so large to be called a town, Villa Carlos Paz. Well,  maybe it is a city, to be honest I’m not sure, but what I am sure about is that when it gets dark and the streets are filled with lights and colour, you’re on a hill overlooking everything, the view is absolutely amazing, the lights twinkling and the glassy reflection on the river a rippling replica of the beautiful view. We walked the main street for a while before we decided on somewhere for dinner and on our travels we came across a small mall where we found a head massager, which became the entertainment for the evening, which as mundane as it sounds now, was hilarious seeing the simultaneous look of horror and peplexison at the feeling of the soft metal prongs embracing their heads.

After dinner was another great experience, we walked down the other side of the main road this time, and i had the surreal moment of experiencing a classic clickbait Facebook post in real life! You’ll never believe what I saw this man on the street create with spray paint and newspaper…. Keep reading to find out! Ok so in hindsight that didn’t have quite the same effect as the Facebook version since you were going to keep reading anyway (I say that with the confidence that you were, so don’t be the one to make me wrong), but I bet now you’re thinking, plz Jacqui just tell us… or this is one of those times when you know its obviously going to be one of those street artists who makes the cool pictures with spray paint and newspaper and a bowl and whatnot but you want to look anyway, well yes if thats you then you’re right, I think seeing the disbelief on my face Amalia felt compelled to buy me not one, but two of the amazing paintings! Which yes, don’t worry, you will see, just scroll down to see the amazing result! No but really, I was going to put the picture here but I realised that I don’t have a picture so I’ll take one and add it later, oops…

On drive into Carlos Paz we went past some Go Kart tracks which of course got the boys attention, (and low key mine) and on the way home there wasn’t a choice but to stop and have a quick squiz at the first track. Which turned out not to be the one, for reasons I did not understand due to the rapid fire Spanish which was not Jacqui friendly. Never fear though, there was a second track which was deemed acceptable, and it was then that I realised I may have a problem. In the five minutes it had taken to drive from one track to another, I had not developed the ability to speak Spanish. Which of course created a problem when it came time for Spanish speaking people to speak to me… Let me tell you right now that in New Zealand I usually do ok when racing go karts. I’m not going to go all out and say that I always win because thats not true, it’s more like 95% of the time when I don’t decide to let someone have a taste of victory for a change. But this was not New Zealand. In New Zealand I can understand more than one word of what I’m being told before we start driving but I thought hey what can possibly go wrong. Ok well. Let me also tell you that I like to not be the one to cause trouble in these sort of situations so every look in my general direction that I interpreted to be concern I slowed down, which was not the best strategy for someone who wanted to win. All I’m going to say is it’s just as well I know how to have fun without winning everything… In all seriousness though I might not have been first, it was more like 5th but same difference, but it was so much fun just laughing with everyone, even if nobody understood when I challenged them to come to New Zealand and beat me there, and I got a taste of driving again so all in all it was a pretty swell time. The drive home was very quiet, Amalia asleep in the front seat, while I was next to two very tired sleeping brothers, so it was just me and Chino having a very animated conversation the whole way home (yes thats a joke, the only conversation I was having was in my head, something along the lines of, I hope he doesn’t think I’m weird and never say anything, if only I could tell him I’m weird and can’t say anything).

Back to real time now, this is kind of fun. Writing Jacqui is feeling very proud of herself for saying so much, but at the same time Child With Short Attention Span Jacqui is getting bored of writing, but Sensible Verging on Stupid Jacqui just posted something on her Facebook page (cheeky promo- Jacqui in Argentina, go and give it a like if you haven’t already) saying the there will be something new on her blog so I think Writing Jacqui might have won this round. On another note, plus sticking to the live update theme, mother just informed me that Leo will be staying with Claire and Bruce, my aunt and uncle in New Zealand (maybe that NZ part was irrelevant but it helps me feel like I’m being productive and writing more) which is awesome news, I’m excited for him already, and I’m not even there, plus mother also told me that she has ‘registered interest’ in being his fourth host family so all in all he’s in for a pretty wild time. Thats a random bit of info out of the way for now so continue with story time it is…

I’m going to let you in on a little secret. Right now the only way I can remember things is by looking at my photos. But I’m confused because the photos of WaveZone are before the photos of my first Rotary meeting, and yes I am aware that I’m not doing things in order but I feel as though theres a whole lot more things that should’ve been in between those two events. In order to help my Confused Jacqui’s poor little brain I’m going to talk about the next thing thats come to my mind, which was making the trip to Buenos Aires to say goodbye to Leo as he got on a plane to New Zealand. (ok another live post giving you a rare insight into the life of Easily Distracted Jacqui, who literally just went to plug her headphones into her phone which has somehow, thanks to the power of laziness, morphed into checking social media for the last half hour. This is why you’ve had to wait so long for me to actually write something). Buenos Aires. With Leo. Right. Write. This would obviously be the second time I had been to Buenos Aires which was exciting since I left thinking that one day I might be lucky enough to come back before I left, obviously I had no idea what I was in for, but more about that later. I had being doing a bit of research just out of interest which led m to discover that to drive would be about 9 hours, 787.6km to be precise, so you can imagine my surprise when I learnt that was exactly what we would be doing, however Roadtrip Loving Jacqui was very excited at the prospect and when offered the chance to stay at her councillors house, took all of 0.17 seconds to say no thanks, rest assured you’ll find me in the car as soon as its time to go. T’was the night before the drive, and creatures were stirring all throughout the house… visits by everyone possible were done and dusted, photos had frantically been collected from around the house and bags were finally packed and ready to go, and the morning of the 5th, was upon us. The drive consisted mostly of sleeping and stopping to eat every so often, a crucial strategy to survive long distance. Me being the machine I am who can sleep anywhere and anytime did just that for most of the time, using her generous brothers head as a pillow when she was in the middle between said brother and Amalia, which made it seem like more like an hour and a bit drive, although I’m sure Chino may beg to differ.

When we arrived in Buenos Aires, we headed straight for the airport to make sure Leo was all sorted to fly and then headed into the city. I of course had no idea what the plan was, so I was just going along with everything as per usual, so I was pleasantly surprised when we stopped outside Museo River, the museum of River Plate for those of you who were a bit confused. Ok so I might not be the biggest fan but even I could appreciate how cool it was to walk through the museum, and as we saw people coming back from the stadium tour I felt a hint of jealousy. That was until I realised that we were about to do the tour as well! It probably didn’t have the full effect on me since I don’t live and breath River Plate like some, but I imagine for my brothers who support CARP the experience was somewhat similar to that of the other brother who supports Chelsea when he went on a tour at Stamford bridge, mind you as much as I hate to say it, one of said brothers still here is also a Chelsea fan much to my dismay… We looked around the stadium with a sense of awe that had fallen over everyone like a veil, and of course took lots of obligatory photos.

Time flew by and soon everyone was getting hungry so we moved onto the next mission- looking for somewhere to eat. You’re going to think I’m exaggerating but I have literally never hated pizza so frequently as I do here, and it is very clear that its only pizza, but we like it, so there was no question what Leo would be having for his final meal, rather where we would choose. After diving round in squares (I’m not sure what you thought I was going to say but no the streets weren’t circular) we finally decided and devoured the monstrous, cheese loaded, yes circle this time, that was placed in front of us. Being the person I am, that being the one who is late when she arrives on time, was getting slightly concerned when it got to 9pm and were still sitting in the restaurant, considering Leo’s flight was at 11:59pm (I kid you not) but sure enough we got going soon and once he had changed into his Rotary numbers 1s we were on our way back to the airport. Luckily alls well that ends well because just like it was for me, the next hour and a bit did not go overly smoothly. Deciding to weigh the bags before they got wrapped turned out to be very sensible, as the scales soon revealed, prompting an emergency repacking outside the doors of the terminal, with me exchanging smiles with everyone who looked knowingly in my direction. The time soon came, too soon I expect, for Leo to leave, and even I, who had only been a temporary sister the past two weeks, was a bit teary eyed, which should give you a fair idea about the state of everyone else. Goodbyes were said and tears were shed and we waved until the very last second, leaving the drive home the only thing left on the agenda.


Final goodbyes at the airport with Leo

I have no clue why, perhaps it was the thought that he was going literally right to where I was two weeks ago, or that at some point he would be seeing my family while I was halfway across the world, or the way that Amalia’s description of what Leo and I were both experiencing hit the nail on the head, “it’s like you’re a baby again. You have to find your feet in this whole new world and learn to walk, and talk again. You are surrounded by people you don’t know, you even have a new mother and father” but whatever it was caused tears to silently run down my face as I thought of everyone at home. Looking back now I don’t think it was because I am missing my family and friends terribly, or that I want to go home, it was remembering all the emotion at the airport, the teary goodbyes of my own that really pulled on the heart strings. The drive home was much the same as the one there, and after pulling into a carpark at about 2am for a bit of a snooze after being unable to find a motel, and stopping at the Argentine equivalent of a Wildbean, it was 10am and we were finally home. And that was my trip to Buenos Aries. The second time.

Theres so much more Writing Jacqui wants to talk about, but Sensible Jacqui has reminded her that she’s already at 3622 words so now is probably a good place to stop until next time. Date Freak Jacqui has also pointed out that its a month exactly, wow literally the time changed from 11:59 pm on the 25th to 12:00 am on the 26 making it literally literally exactly a month since I arrived in Capilla Del Monte, although if you were being picky I guess you could say its not exactly a month since my flight didn’t land until about 8:30 but hey its the though that counts… Like I said theres so much more I want to say but never fear, Writing Jacqui will reappear with most likely another 3000 words so stay tuned, and this time I promise I won’t make you wait so long… plus I promised a plan and I’ll try my very best to make Crazy Jacqui spill the beans. Also thanks for reading, I know it’s a lot to take in, but if you’re feeling overwhelmed think of what it was like for me writing! Ok so it wasn’t really that bad, but it has taken me 5 days from start to finish so I’m going to say it required a lot of effort from Writing Jacqui to convince Lazy and Sleepy to pull finger and actually get to this point. But until next time…

Chau – Jacqui Philp


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